Keer provides structural and decorative glass elements for architects and designers. We produce large glass castings as well as custom glass tiles for both interior and exterior spaces.

When it comes to glass fabrication, the world is your oyster. From grand pianos to glass bricks used in a wall, glass provides several applications. Keer architectural glass manufacturers offer services for:

  • Architectural glass casting

  • Glassblowing

  • Kiln casting

  • Bending

  • Pressing

  • Glass Machining

  • Fusing

Custom Glass Tiling Available

There’s a big market for custom glass tiling among homeowners who view their walls as a design canvas. Our customers often want unique solutions that are not readily available. No matter what architectural style you seek, Keer Glass Foundry provides you with the flexibility to cast a wide net for decorative glass elements.

Custom Glass Moulding

Glass moulding is a great way to incorporate a traditional element with a touch of contemporary design. We can start either based on existing wood moldings or any new design you come up with.

Architectural Glass

In addition to decorative glass elements, we also manufacture structural glass elements such as glass blocks and glass wall panels. Our core capabilities include glass casting, glass bending, and glassblowing for large scale projects. We work closely with clients to learn the particulars of both their space and their vision so we can produce exactly what they need.

Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve worked with numerous recognizable clients over the years on a variety of glass fabrication services. Our clientele includes:

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Swarovski Lighting

  • Cosmopolitan magazine

  • Bloomberg L.P.

  • The Smithsonian Institute

  • And many more!

Our Team’s Capabilities

Keer Glass Foundry provides glassblowing, slumping, fusing, casting, fabricating, and machining for projects. Our services also include job shop production, prototype development, restoration, equipment design and fabrication, and consultation. From start to finish, we can exceed expectations on virtually any glass fabrication request.

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Client: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington, DC
Piano Island, 1987

Illuminated Glass block
14' diameter

Custom fabricated glass corner blocks
Custom fabricated glass corner blocks

Architects: Wormser and Fellows Associates
Vietnam Veterans Memorial , NYC

Custom fabricated corner blocks
16 x 60 feet

Fabricated cast and slumped glass

Artist: Michael Scheiner
Vessel Doorway, 1992
Installation: RISD Museum of Art
Fabricated cast and slumped glass elements
8 x 6 feet