Keer provides services to both individuals and small firms starting new projects as well as large corporations in need of on-going consultation. Our knowledge of the material and experience cover a wide spectrum of glass projects. Our services include:

  • Project management

  • Product design assistance

  • Technical research and development

  • Tooling development

  • Prototype development

  • Production efficiency improvement

  • Material research

  • Facility design assistance

When you want to develop a new glass product Keer will guide you through the design and production process. When you have issues with your glass production, we’ll be there to analyze, develop solutions, and help streamline your process. 

We've served as consultants for numerous projects both artistic and technical, researching glass properties for a US military contractor and teaching a major art crystal manufacturer in Japan how to accurately measure and verify the compatibility of their glass batches. We've also served as expert witness, successfully testifying for one of our clients in a court of law. We know the material and the industry: we look forward to joining your team to help strategize your best route forward