Glass restoration work is a fundamental aspect of what we do at Keer. Sometimes glass gets damaged; sometimes it gets broken. When it comes to bringing your glass back to its original state, we figure out how things were made and come up with the best method to reproduce them. The first step is in-depth communication with our clients, followed by ample research and planning. Next, we design and fabricate tooling, and finally we go into production. To learn more about our restoration projects, please visit the lighting restoration and lighthouse restoration pages.

A Full Line of Capabilities

Keer Glass Foundry provides a full line of glass restoration capabilities. This includes fusing, casting, glassblowing, slumping, glass machining, and much more. Our full line of services means we’re the only glass fabrication firm you’ll need for restoration needs.

Types of Glass We’ve Repaired

At Keer Glass Foundry, we’ve had the privilege of repairing and restoring glass for architects, artists, designers, and other industry professionals in a variety of forms. Our work has included repairing lighthouse lenses, light fixtures, and furniture. We’ve also fixed lighting for architecture and for corporate settings.

Different applications require different solutions, and we’ve spent decades providing solutions for companies big and small. We pride ourselves on our ability to repair a vast array of lights.

Restoring Beauty

We are passionate about glass restoration because we’re able to return damaged glass to its past glory. Every piece of glass represents something beautiful, and our experts carry years of experience bringing that beauty back to virtually all forms of glass. From start to finish, our team will provide you with an end product everyone will love.

Unique Work Across Several Industries

We’ve done work for clients across several industry verticals over the years. Projects have included lighthouse lens restoration, atrium sculpture installation, and custom lamp creation. Our clients have included Bloomberg L.P., the U.S. Coast Guard, Cosmopolitan magazine, Procter & Gamble, and countless other renowned brands.

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Reproduction of glass lighting for the Los Angeles Central library

Reproduction of glass lighting for the Los Angeles Central library