Often our clients come to us because they have nowhere else to turn. We've taken on projects as diverse as casting architectural glass molding, machining of marine deck prisms, to recreating an historic 16th Century hand-blown glass Venetian plate. We also build custom glass-working equipment. We love the challenge of taking on something that's never before been tried, and were passionate about problem solving. If you have an unusual project, give us a try, we just might surprise you.

Cast glass, CNC machining, hand polishing

Deck prism, 2013
Private commission
Machined Glass

Glass prism

(bottom view)

Cast glass

Original deck prism (left) and reproduction (right)

Replica of 16th century Venetian plate

Project leaders: Chris Taylor and Michael Scheiner
Reticello Plate, 2002

Replica of 16th century Venetian plate at the Rosenborg Castle, Denmark
Dimensions: 20" diameter

Replica of 16th century Venetian plate

Created from 2 forms, each made of 110 individual glass canes twisted in opposite directions and blown into one another to produce the crisscross pattern